Welcome to Browse API client documentation

This package is a Python client for eBay Browse API. It is asynchronous and designed to send a large number of requests by one function call.

For more information about this API visit official documentation.


Install from PyPI by pip install browseapi

Supported methods

Only these methods are now implemented (names changed to lowercase notation):


Create a BrowseAPI instance with your application id (app_id) and application secret (cert_id) and start sending requests:

from browseapi import BrowseAPI

app_id = '<your_app_id>'
cert_id = '<your_cert_id>'

api = BrowseAPI(app_id, cert_id)
responses = api.execute('search', [{'q': 'drone', 'limit': 50}, {'category_ids': 20863}])

# this will make 'search' request two times with parameters
# q=drone and limit=50 for the first time and
# category_ids=20863 for the second time


All response fields have similar names and types as those mentioned in official docs.


For running tests put your secret.json file with fields 'eb_app_id' and 'eb_cert_id' to the browseapi/tests directory, then run a command from the parent browseapi directory:

python -m unittest browseapi.tests.test_client

You may get warnings like this:

ResourceWarning: unclosed transport

Just ignore it.